Two Signs That Your Car Exhaust System is Leaking

The exhaust pipes have to move dangerous gases from the engine to the tailpipe to keep it from getting in the cabin. Leaks are dangerous, and here are a few ways to spot the potential issues with the exhaust.

Listen very carefully and you can hear trouble with the exhaust system. Popping and hissing from the engine and exhaust manifold could be signs of leaks, so too can a loud high-pitch whistle emitting from the tailpipe when the car is idling.

Feel trouble with the exhaust system while seating in your vehicle and it is idling. With your foot on the gas pedal, see if you can notice a new vibration. Do the same with your hands wrapped around the steering wheel, feeling for any new vibrations.

A leaking car exhaust system is a serious concern, so get to St. Clair Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram so one of our specialists can inspect your vehicle for trouble.

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